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INJURY // 2008
In grad school, I had the good fortune to take an “experiments in writing” class with Dodie Bellamy. One exercise we got to to try included writing a series of 12 poems about a thing without ever directly naming the thing the poems were about. InJury was born. It existed primarily as 12 individual graphic design pieces and were mounted both at CalArts and at UC Santa Barbara’s Afro Geek Conference (thanks, Duriel Harris!). I always wanted a way to distribute these but it would be too expensive to do (in color and at the right size) and still have them accessibly priced. Thus, they were perfect for my free PDF chapbook series! Also included is “Miranda Rizights”âa poem I wrote in 2005. This chapbook was available on my site for about eight months (FEB to OCT) and was downloaded over 1100 times.

Another DIY joint, I envisioned this as a companion to Anthem (Collapsing). I think I made about 60 of these, and have only my own copy left. I really wanted to put some of my more typographically experimental work out in the world, and this chapbook became a vehicle for that. I cannibalized a few of these poems for Fear, Some. I also used a poem from my Dove Sessions project*â âBrâer Parrot Learns His Own Songâ and the dismantled Watermeloncholy, Baby project (âThermojukleargeechigun,â âMumbo Gumboâ and âAtomic Buckdanceâ were slated for that one). Full table of contents below:

âBrâer Parrot Learns His Own Songâ
ââthat bit youââ
âBougienigga Moan from North of Integrationâ
âOn the Morning of our Fifth Anniversaryâ
â[see line 19]â
âThermojukelear Geechi Gunâ
Buckdancing for Beginners
ââMumbo Gumboâ/âLike A Mosquitoâs Tongueâ
ââscene from The Poisonous Coonâ
ââView from an Uptown Window: MPLSâ
“It has come to this⦔
âAtomic Buckdanceâ
âJimiattabucket(oh, Blood!)â

*A series of 17 dramatic monologues, one each for every human figure in Romare Beardenâs photomontage, The Dove (1964).âShadowboxer on the Lookout,â which appears in Fear, Some, is also from that series of poems.


My first chapbook was a DIY affair; I made it to sell at shows in Minneapolis. I think I made about 100 of these, all told. Many of these poems begin an exploration of a lyrical style highly influenced by Bob Kaufmanâs Cranial Guitar and several poems from Carl Hancock Ruxâs Pagan Operetta. As the bookâs title suggests, the poems were explicitly political in theme and content.

I have a few copies of this one left. For those of you who have Fear, Some: yes, the title poem(s) of this chap are earlier versions of Anthem (collapsing) in the full-length book. Also included in this chapbook are the s(t)aint suite: a cycle of poems about Mumia Abu Jamal; âThe Elephants Honky Tonk at the End of the Worldâ: a poem about the Republican National Convention in Philly, 2000; and âThe Super Nigger Monster Jamâ: one of the last of the âjam*â poems and an MPLS barn burner. Full table of contents below:

âMexico City, 1968â
the s(t)aint suite
ââ1. voiceâ
ââ2. sidesâ
ââ3. reasonable doubt?â
ââ4. du(e/a)lâ
ââ5. the voiceless: william cook speaksâ
ââ6. re-tale (why this is happening)â
ââ7. love (american style)â
âThe Elephants Honky Tonk at the End of the Worldâ
Anthem (collapsing)
ââthe song of samâ
ââthrenody for haliæetus leucocephalusâ
ââthe ballot booth slowgrindâ
ââthe theme from star wars (remix)â
ââmelting pot (original dance mix)â
âlook: up in the skyâ
âThe Super Nigger Monster Jamâ

*The âjamâ poems were poems akin to rants, but more structured. Somewhat.