My first chapbook was a DIY affair; I made it to sell at shows in Minneapolis. I think I made about 100 of these, all told. Many of these poems begin an exploration of a lyrical style highly influenced by Bob Kaufman’s Cranial Guitar and several poems from Carl Hancock Rux’s Pagan Operetta. As the book’s title suggests, the poems were explicitly political in theme and content.

I have a few copies of this one left. For those of you who have Fear, Some: yes, the title poem(s) of this chap are earlier versions of Anthem (collapsing) in the full-length book. Also included in this chapbook are the s(t)aint suite: a cycle of poems about Mumia Abu Jamal; “The Elephants Honky Tonk at the End of the World”: a poem about the Republican National Convention in Philly, 2000; and “The Super Nigger Monster Jam”: one of the last of the “jam*” poems and an MPLS barn burner. Full table of contents below:

“Mexico City, 1968”
the s(t)aint suite
—“1. voice”
—“2. sides”
—“3. reasonable doubt?”
—“4. du(e/a)l”
—“5. the voiceless: william cook speaks”
—“6. re-tale (why this is happening)”
—“7. love (american style)”
“The Elephants Honky Tonk at the End of the World”
Anthem (collapsing)
—“the song of sam”
—“threnody for haliæetus leucocephalus”
—“the ballot booth slowgrind”
—“the theme from star wars (remix)”
—“melting pot (original dance mix)”
“look: up in the sky”
“The Super Nigger Monster Jam”

*The “jam” poems were poems akin to rants, but more structured. Somewhat.

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