<a href=””Quantum Spit, Corollary Press, OCT 10 (chapbook)

The Black Automaton, Fence Books, DEC 09 (full-length)

Fear, Some, Red Hen Press, OCT 06 (full-length)

Spare Parts + Lost Cities , self-published, 09 (eChapbook)

InJury, self-published, 08 (eChapbook)

Atomic Buckdance, self-published, 03 (chapbook)

Anthem (Collapsing), self-published, 01 (chapbook)


Crescent City

a “Voodoo Queen” struggles to save a city
from a hurricane. Scenes showcased at

The New York City Opera program, Vox 2009 in NYC.

a woman has a cyber-erotic transformation

via the subversive use of a vacuum cleaner.

Premiered JUL 08 in Los Angeles.

a man born with his sister’s face on the back

of his head has a night of reckoning.

Premiered MAY 08 in San Francisco.

a totalitarian engineer, a machete wielding

malcontent and a spider with a taste for meat

have an apocalyptic conflict; written in an

artificial language. Libretto excerpts featured

in Performance Research 12.3: On Blackness .

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