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Mess and Mess and

My “essay” collection, Mess and Mess and, is out now! It is a part of Noemi Press’s Infidel Poetics Series and features writing about the Negrotesque, Eye Weather, Grunt Syntax, and more.

Mess and Mess and is Miss Ann’s apocalypse, Amos ‘n’ Andy’s undermanumission, Douglas Kearney’s antimassapiece.—Fred Moten

Kearney creates his own methods for naming and theorizing not just creative process but the experience of art and utterance as a relationship with the various phenomena of living, dying and getting free.—Tisa Bryant

Plus, coming in April 2016, a collection of opera libretti—Someone Took They Tongues. (Subito Press).

Aaaaaand, in July 2016, a new poetry collection from Fence Books, Buck Studies.


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