Poetry + Poetics

Curated by Divya Victor for Jacket2, here’s “Repetition and Revulsion,” which appears in Mess and Mess and.

Lithub’s Adam Fitzgerald intro’d this one something special! This poem will appear in Buck Studies (Fence Books, July 2016)

A poem posted at Pen America with a humbling intro from the great TC Tolbert.

Two pieces from Mess and Mess and at Hyperallergic.

“Runaway Tongue” at Boston Review–another likely candidate for Buck Studies.

Poetry Magazine published several poems from a series called “Father of the Year” from Patter. Here they are, online, with audio and a lovely introductory essay from Lindsay Garbutt.

The Rumpus has been behind my work for some years now. Here’s a link to a page with some tags that will lead you to my work.

Check out my essays on everything from failure, the X-men, and Romare Bearden at Craft Work on the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet Blog.